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Fall Update: Onward and Upward!

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The Pro-Shop is fully armed and operational. Firearms licensing courses are in very high demand. More people are shooting indoors now that the weather is turning. Deer and waterfowl are in season. COVID Wave 2: Electric Boogaloo is mid-swing.

Ah, autumn. Ah, Glocktober.

After finally getting our license upgrade, we’re going all-in on selling firearms. TSA Listowel is now your one-stop shop for all your sports shooting needs. In addition to our in-stock selection, we can accommodate special orders. To be honest, the supply lines are a little under-supplied right now due to situations across the border, but if it can be got in Canada, we can try to get it for you.


We’ve been posting some stuff on our social media, and a lot of the time we get asked in the comments about pricing, and those comments appear to go unanswered. This is not the case – we answer these inquiries through private messages. We do not post pricing or inventory quantities on public-viewable social media posts or comments. We do not want to be falsely accused of selling guns on our social media. That would get us shut down. Our sales are done in-person only at our physical location. You can ask about pricing through social media, but any answers will be sent to only you via your inbox, not posted publicly.



That being said: come buy our guns! We have lots in stock and more on the way! We’re bringing in stock for “indoor .22 pistol” season, and we still have plenty of ammo for what remains of “outdoor shotgun” season.

Our CFSC courses are fully booked to the end of the year. We have several courses planned for January, February and March, but we also have a long waiting list that gets first crack at those spots. Dates will be posted on the calendar once they are finalized, and open spots will be announced on Facebook. Demand is outstripping supply here, but we’re doing what we can to try to keep up.

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