The club has become a local success story

On June 24th, 1955, a small group of like-minded individuals who were interested in the art of precision handgun shooting decided to have a meeting at the office of the Alliance Paper Mill in Georgetown, Ontario.

This group decided to form a club to practise and promote their recreational hobby.

That evening the Georgetown Revolver Club became a reality. President Jack Creighton, Secretary Treasurer Roy Robson, Range Master Paul Barbour, and Screening Officer Police Chief Roy Haley became the first executives of the new organization.

On July 25th the club agreed to adopt a constitution and by-laws that ensured the safety of its members and surrounding community. Once the ground rules were established, a search began to find a suitable site and facility. The next day the club negotiated for a piece of land that was owned by the Fred Woods farm. It was purchased for $400. From then on the meetings were held at this location. Construction of building was funded entirely by members. Shares were offered at $25 each on credit, with weekly payments of $1.

Construction took place from July through December 1957. Advertisements were placed in local stores and newspapers to promote the club and attract new members. In 1958 the facilities were expanded and improved to allow shooting to continue throughout the winter.

By the 1990s the club had flourished to become a state-of-the-art indoor shooting facility, housing up to seven shooters. Today it is equipped with NRA and ISSU regulation turning targets, high-volume ventilation, soundproof walls, and roofing mated with steel lining to exceed CFO range requirements. It operates year round.